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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Qasidah Adab al-Tariqa

The Ettiqute of the Way

A song by Abu Madyan Al Gawth

"This life has no sweetness save company of the mystics
They are the sultans, the masters, the princes

So keep their company and manners of their gatherings.
And leave your own fortune behind when they push you forward.

Take advantage of your time, attending always with them.
And know that Allah's pleasure singles out those who attend.

And hold fast to silence unless you are asked, then reply,
"I don't know anything," and hide yourself in ignorance."

Arabic Text of Qasidah...


Anonymous said...

I am a student of Sheikh Nuh and am looking for a English transliteration of the latifiyya. This blog site goes to a link which is not functional. Do you have a English transliteration of the latifiyya. If, so could you please email it to me?

2:43 AM  

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