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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Qasidah: al-Mustapha al-Hashimy

This arabic qasidah about the prophet Muhammed is beautiful, especially if you understand its meaning..

I will try and get it translated soon and post it up, insha'Allah.

My arabic isn't too good... But this is the meaning (or an attempt at the meaning) of one of the verses from the qasidah:

"His light overpowers the moonlight

Like the morning sun in his illuminated face.."

Listen here....


Blogger Muhammad Mushtaque said...

First of all Assalam o alaimum wa rehmatullah he wa barakatuhu, Many thanks for the Islamic knowledge.

I would like the Qasida Burda Sharif but unable to download from your provided link. If you have an ulternate way to get then kindly revert me on my email.

Allah Hafiz.

Await your kind response.

Muhammad Mushtaque Tahiri
Karachi - Pakistan.

6:10 PM  

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