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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Lord, I wish for nothing beside Thee...

A beautiful narration from Imam Al-Ghazzali's "Alchemy of Happiness"...

One of my favourite books written by Imam al-Ghazzali (May Allah be pleased with him)

Yahya Ibn Muaz relates,

"I watched Bayazid Bistami at prayer through one entire night. When he had finished he stood up and said, 'O Lord! some of Thy servants have asked and obtained of Thee the power to perform miracles, to walk on the sea, and to fly in, the air, but this I do not ask;some have asked and obtained treasures, but these I do not ask.'

Then he turned, and, seeing me, said, 'Are you there, Yahya?' I replied, 'Yes.' He asked, 'Since when? I answered, 'For a long time.'

I then asked him to reveal to me some of his spiritual experiences. 'I will reveal,' he answered, 'what is lawful to tell you.

The Almighty showed me His Kingdom, from its loftiest to its lowest; He raised me above the throne and the seat and all the seven heavens.

Then He said, "Ask of me whatsoever thing thou desirest." I answered, "Lord! I wish for nothing beside Thee."

"Verily," He said, "thou art My servant.'"


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