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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Sheikh Ahmed ibn Mustafa al-'Alawi

Ahmed al-'Alawi is Ahmed ibn Mustafa Ibn 'Aliwa, Abu al-'Abbas al-'Alawi, born in Mostaghanem, Algeria, in 1291/1874. He was a Sufi, Maliki Scholar, Koranic Exegete, poet, and the sheikh and renewer of the of the Shadhili tariqa, of which he founded the 'Alawi-Darqawi order that bears his name.

Sheikh Ahmed al-'Alawi, whose order has spread to the farthest reaches of the Muslim world, certainly stands as one of the greatest Sufi Masters of Islamic History. He died in Mostaghanem in 1353/1934.

Sheikh al-'Alawi is the Grandsheikh of Sheikh al-Kurdi, who is the sheikh of Sheikh al-Shaghouri, who is the Sheikh of Sheikh Nuh Kellar.

More About Sheikh al-'Alawi (May Allah be pleased with him)...


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nice to know that such an old picture still remains of Sheikh Alawi

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