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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Who is Rumaysa?

I came across the story of Rumaysa (may Allah be pleased with her) and it inspired me. She was a model Muslimah who sacrificed and loved for the sake of Allah. The prophet muhammed (peace be upon him) had compassion for her. . . So do I.

Rumaysa bint Milhan, one of the women companions of the prophet (peace be upon him), also known as "Umm Sulaym", was known for her excellent character, the power of her intellect and her independent attitude of mind.

It was noticed that the Prophet, peace be on him, had a special compassion for Umm Sulaym and her family and when asked about it, he replied: "Her brother was killed beside me."

The Prophet used to visit their home. Sometimes he would have a siesta in their house and, as he slept, she would wipe the perspiration from his forehead. Once when the Prophet awoke from his siesta, he asked: "Umm Sulaym, what are you doing?" "I am taking these (drops of perspiration) as a barakah (blessing) which comes from you ," she replied.

Umm Sulaym was a model Muslim, a model wife and mother. Her belief in God was strong and uncompromising. She was not prepared to endanger her faith and the upbringing of her children for wealth and luxury, however abundant and tempting.

She was devoted to the Prophet and dedicated her son Anas to his service. She took the responsibility of educating her children and she played an active part in public life, sharing with the other Muslims the hardships and the joys of building a community and living for the pleasure of God.

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Would you please share more information regarding Hizbul Bahr. How and when does one recite it and what are the benefits thereof?

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