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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Mawlid Hajji Imran

DeenPort Audio: Mawlid Hajji Imran - with Shaykh Diya'
Burdah and Hadra

A beautiful mawlid held for Hajji Imran Chowdhury with Shaykh Diya (a young scholar, Qur'anic reciter, and Islamic singer).

Track 1: Stunningly beautiful Qur'anic recitation.
Track 2: A very lively rendition of the Qasida Burda (first 2 chapters).
Track 3: A passionate and moving hadra.

To Download: Mawlid Hajji Imran

This is absolutely beautiful!! I pray that I am chosen among the blessed people of gatherings such as these.


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